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Pet's Friend Animal Clinic

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158 San Lazaro Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Phone: 408-739-2688

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Robin Oliveira, Office Manager

Robin Oliveira is our Office Manager and has been a member of the Pet's Friend Animal Clinic staff since May of 2003. Additionally, she is studying to become a certified practice manager.

Robin has always had quite a bit of compassion and empathy for animals and finds talking and building relationships with our clients to be her favorite parts of her job.

At home, Robin has a Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Dixie and a 15-year-old Chihuahua mix rescue named Candy. Her interests include hiking, knitting, and reading.

Esther Bosklopper, Veterinary Technician

Esther joined the Pet's Friend staff as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2007. She attended Foothill College and received her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology in 2005.

Esther's favorite thing about working at Pet's Friend are the great people she works with every day. "We have a very knowledgeable team that really cares about every patient."

In her spare time, Esther enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her friends, family and Labrador named Buddy.

Danielle Horsley, Lead Veterinary Technician

Danielle Horsley is a Veterinary Technician who has been with Pet's Friend Animal Clinic since April of 2007 and began her career in animal care in 2003. Additionally, she is registered as a veterinary technician in the state of California and has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Systemic Biology.

A born multi-tasker, Danielle says, "I like working at Pet's Friend because everyone is very caring and professional. I like the diversity of the cases we see."

Her pets include a Chihuahua/Corgi mix named Heidi and a cat named Keisha. Her interests include caring for her two boys as well as reading, scrapbooking and cooking.

Veronica Rivas, Veterinary Technician

Veronica graduated from Carrington College in 2011 with an Associate’s in Science (Veterinary Technology).  After a few years of working in the field as a Veterinary Assistant, Veronica passed her state boards to be a Registered Vet Tech in December 2014.  She is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and skills to benefit the lives of animals and their owners.

She owns a cute little 12-year-old, sweet Chihuahua, who she helped through birth.

One of Veronica’s biggest interests in the field is dentistry. She loves cleaning teeth and making sure nothing is missed. She eventually would like to specialize in Dentistry.

She says, “Within the first week of working at Pet’s Friend Animal Clinic, I knew it was going to be a place I would grow and be challenged. I noticed how detail oriented everything was, and I knew this is the right way to go. I’m in a great place where animals are taken care of the way they should be.”

Cordtsy Gallie, Veterinary Technician

Cordtsy joined the Pet's Friend Animal Clinic team in August 2016 and earned her Registered Veterinary Technician license from graduated from Carrington College in November of 2016. She is very passionate about what she does and is very excited to be working at PFAC. Cordtsy has been working in the veterinary industry since about 2013 but has been working with animals for her entire life. She has had the pleasure of working with horses, pocket pets, dogs, cats, and chickens, and has enjoyed learning about and caring for them very much. "I am proud to say I was made for this field. There isn't anything else in the world that I would rather be doing with my life," she says.

In her spare time, Cordtsy enjoys taking her dog, a mini Aussie-doodle named Doodle, out for hikes, going to the beach, and spending time with her family.

Tacita Vu, Veterinary Assistant

Tacita is a Veterinary Assistant who joined Pet's Friend Animal Clinic in September 2012 after graduating from UC Davis with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Sciences. She has done volunteer work in the animal care field since middle school and is working towards applying to veterinary school.

"I am so grateful to be part of a compassionate team that truly enjoys their work and continually strives to provide excellent veterinary care."

She has a 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Gigi at home. In her spare time, she likes to go running, perform karaoke, hang out with friends, and explore new places with her dog.

Cheryl Milan, Veterinary Assistant

Cheryl joined PFAC in the summer of 2016 and was thrilled to join a team that mirrored her own passion for animals.  With her experience working in customer service, and a lifelong love of all cats and dogs, moving into veterinary medicine five years ago felt like a natural step for Cheryl.

Growing up in Sunnyvale, Cheryl attended Fremont High School, then moved on to De Anza College, receiving her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts in 2004.

Cheryl lives in Sunnyvale with her family, which includes two rambunctious furry friends: Vino, her handsome, blue-eyed Siamese mix; and Ewok, her crazy and lovable Shih-tzu, whom she attributes opened the door to the veterinary world.

Cheryl considers any and all good deeds to animals, whether noticed or not, to be of value. In the spirit of The Starfish Thrower by Loren Eiseley, "It made a difference to that one."

Marlene Boots, Receptionist

Marlene Boots has been a Receptionist at Pet's Friend Animal Clinic since July of 2002. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. "The atmosphere at Pet's Friend is a very loving and personable environment," she says when asked what she enjoys most about her work. "Our clients come to feel like members of our family and the staff is a pleasure to work with."

Marlene provides a loving home for her Yorkie named Clyde. Her interests include baking, gardening, reading, exercising and spending time with her family.

Jennifer Underwood, Receptionist and Assistant

Jennifer is one of the receptionist as well as an assistant to the veterinarians and technicians. She began working at Pet's Friend in December 2002. She has worked with animals all her life, but for the last 17 years she has trained and shown dogs and is the owner and dog trainer of 2 Feet & 4 Paws FORWARD.

Jennifer enjoys working at Pet's Friend due to its "team atmosphere," as well as the "compassion and care given to the older animals." It's a place animals seem to enjoy coming too.

She's owned Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 17 years and at present, has two Rhodesian Ridgeback, Moet, and Joy. She is also planning a letter of puppies in summer 2012 and hopes to keep one.

Laurie Wells, Receptionist

Laurie has been in the animal care field for 20 years. She joined the Pet's Friend staff in July of 2002. Laurie enjoys the flexible nature of the job from answering phones, greeting clients (the two and four legged) or just lending a hand where ever it's needed.

In her off time, Laurie enjoys motorcycle riding, baking, photography, and travel. Laurie has three dogs, Mallory, Fargo, and Rhett. Mallory was rescued from a dumpster at five weeks old and has always been a special girl. She also has a large family of cats.

Tera Chuck, Reception and Boarding Services

Tera spent years working in public service in the area of law enforcement. Though her work was important, she always knew she wanted to work with animals one day. Tera stepped out of retirement to join the Pet's Friend team. She devotes herself to seeing that our boarding pets are fed, comfortable, and regularly plays with them, so they are not lonely during their stay. She also steps in to assist with client service and reception when needed.

Tera is passionate about golden retrievers and additionally fosters kittens for the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority. She selflessly bottle-feeds, nurtures, and socializes orphaned kittens until they are old enough for adoption. When she can get away, Tera and her husband love to travel to the tropics and snorkel.

Carmela Godinez, Kennel Technician

A staff member since 2002, Carmela is a kennel technician and supervisor of housekeeping at Pet's Friend Animal Clinic. Along with her position at the clinic, she also owns and operates her own janitorial service.

Carmela enjoys spending free time with her two daughters, Teresa and Celeste.

Nancy Gray, Kennel Assistant

Nancy has been a part of the PFAC staff since 2005. For years, she has given tender loving care to our boarding pets. She enjoys spending time with her cat in her garden, where she can often be found barbecuing, as well. Nancy and her husband own a small machining business that manufactures precision machine parts.

Tracey Lee Davis, Content Marketing Strategist

Tracey Lee Davis founded her marketing company ZingPop Social Media in January 2014 to help small businesses have a relevant voice in the social media conversation. During her tenure as the Director of Operations at a locally owned company in the Pet Care Industry, she saw the positive impact social media and email marketing campaigns had on the success of the business. Tracey has now combined her love of social media, email marketing and supporting small businesses into ZingPop Social Media. Her experience has spanned a vast variety of businesses that have found measurable success with the help of her skillful and strategic campaigns.

She is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist; an Authorized Local Expert and Master Certified Solutions Provider for Constant Contact; a Hootsuite Certified Professional and Hootsuite Ambassador; and the Vice President of the Women's Networking Alliance. She also really, really loves cheese.

She is thrilled to be working for Pet's Friend Animal Clinic and proud to be a member of such a fantastic team.

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Available to adopted pets from Silicon Valley Humane Society or 501c Rescue Groups within 14 days of adoption. 

Adoption documents required for courtesy exam.

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